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326 Long-nose Pliers, 6.1" Tool Length, .41" Side Cutter

WEIGHT: 0.34 lb

Regular price $42.95

Long, tapered nose with cross-hatched jaw-grip pattern simplifies grabbing small items in cramped spaces. Tight, smooth-moving pivot joint provides fail-free reliability and a solid, high-quality feel. Ultra-durable high-carbon steel features a protective corrosion-resistant e-coating. Iconic CHANNELLOCK BLUE® grips help enhance working comfort, minimizing hand fatigue and stress. .41" Side Cutter. Tool Type: Needle-Nose Pliers; Application: Automotive Maintenance; Construction; Electrical; Electronics; HVAC; Applicable Material: Aluminum; Bronze; Copper; Gold; Nickel; Nylon; Plastic; Silver; Steel; Jaw Length: 2.08".

Note: This is a non-returnable item.