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Hard Candy Mints, Wint-o-green, 50 Oz Bag

BRAND: LifeSavers®
ITEM: LFS21524
WEIGHT: 3.13 lb

Regular price $23.99

Why do we go to such lengths to get fresh breath? After all, the icy, the taste of just one Life Savers Mint is all you need to freshen breath and refresh the day. These hard-candy mints are ideal for freshening your breath after morning coffee or a long lunch break or as a sweet treat in the afternoon. Keep a pack at your desk or, better yet, become the office champion and share some Life Savers Mints with those in need. After all, isn't it time you enjoyed the minty side of simple? Food Type: Mints; Flavor: Wint-O-Green®; Capacity (Weight): 50 oz; Vegan: Yes.