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Industrial Station First Aid Kit, 440 Items, Metal Case

BRAND: Pac-Kit®
WEIGHT: 15.0 lb

Regular price $219.95

Contains everything needed to treat common workplace injuries. Interior compartment organized into three shelves, making it easy to find necessary items in a hurry. Comfortable carry-handle case features convenient pre-drilled holes for wall or door mounting. Inner door pouches provide easy access to additional items. Number of Pieces: 440; Contains: 1"x3" Heavy Woven Fabric Strips, 2"x3" Heavy Woven X-Large Strips, Heavy Woven Knuckle Bandages, Heavy Woven Fingertip Bandages, Sterile 2" Gauze Bandage, Sterile 4" Gauze Bandage, 2" Gauze Pads, 3" Gauze Pads, 4" Gauze Pads, Hema Seal Trauma Dressing with Gloves, 2" Tri-Cut Adhesive Tape, 40" Triangular Bandages, Alcohol Antiseptic Wipes, Antiseptic Towelettes, First Aid/Burn Cream, Triple Antibiotic Ointment, 4 oz. Eye Flush, Eye Cup, Pads & Strips, 4 oz. First Aid Burn Spray, 4 oz. Antiseptic Spray, Extra Strength Non-Aspirin, 3" Cotton Tipped Applicators, Instant Cold Pack (Large), 4"x5yd Elastic Bandage, Latex Exam Gloves, Metal Scissors, Plastic Forceps, First Aid Instruction Booklet.; Mounting: Wall; Door; Case Material: Steel.
Package Includes: (50) 1" x 3" fabric adhesive-strip bandages, ten 2" x 3" x-large adhesive-strip bandages, (25) fabric knuckle bandages, (25) fabric fingertip bandages, one 2"-wide roll of sterile gauze, one 4"-wide roll of sterile gauze, ten 2" gauze pads, ten 3" gauze pads, ten 4" gauze pads, Hema-Seal® trauma dressing with gloves, one 2"-wide roll of Tri-Cut tape, two 40" triangular bandages, (100) alcohol antiseptic wipes, (25) antiseptic towelettes, (25) first aid/burn cream packets, (25) triple-antibiotic ointment packets, one 4oz bottle of eye flush, one eye cup with pads and strips, one 4oz can of first-aid/burn spray, one 4oz can of antiseptic spray, (50) extra strength non-aspirin pain-relief tablets, (100) 3"-long cotton-tipped applicators, two large instant cold packs, one 4" x 5yd elastic bandage, five pairs of latex exam gloves, metal scissors, plastic forceps, instruction booklet and metal case