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Interchangeable Magnetic Board Accessories, Letters, Black, 3-4"h

BRAND: MasterVision®
WEIGHT: 0.12 lb

Regular price $20.95

Magnetic accessories make building and maintaining your planning board easier. Arrange data easily and quickly when changes become necessary. Magnetic Letter Sets—Set of 120 uppercase letters and punctuation marks. Character Types: Letters; Mounting Type: Magnetic; Character Style: Uppercase; Character Color: Black.
Package Includes: Includes 9 each: E; 7 each: A, O; 6 each: I, N, R, S, T; 5 each: L; 4 each: C, D, H, M, P, U; 3 each: B, F, G, J, W, Y, Comma (,), Period (.); 2 each: K, Q, V, X, Z, Dash(-); 1 each: Ampersand (&), Arrow.